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Maker: Le Roy Paris

Circa: 1835

Height: 4.5 inches handle down

Stock No. A

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Le Roy Chaff cutter striking carriage clock

Le Roy Chaff cutter striking carriage clock

Case: This very early experimental carriage clock has some fine and interesting early features not only in case and dial design and assembly but also in its escapement and train plan.

Dial: The silvered dial is signed as per the movement and suits the gilt hands very well. The overall height of this clock with handle up is 5.75inches with the main body and frame measuring just 2.5 inches. The case, although plain, shows a degree of early design not only in its unusual fitting pieces which align the dial but also the lack of base screws to hold the movement. The handle very much the most decorative part to this clock.

Movement: The slender bell striking 8 day movement with small external pierced locking plate or count wheel has been so designed that the trains are not in line so that the winding squares are uneven i.e. one higher than the other. This allows the plates and case to be as slim as possible leading to the clock's overall slenderness. The early format of chaff cutter escapement being double wheel with flat rim brass balance. This early feature needs more research as Garnier is the one who first patented this idea, yet this early clock demonstrates that Garnier was not the only Horologist working with this escapement.