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Maker: Alexander Adie

Circa: 1830

Height: 3ft 4ins

Price: £15,900

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Alexander Adie, Edinburgh - The Epitome of Regency Elegance

Alexander Adie, Edinburgh - The Epitome of Regency Elegance

Case: The bow front is veneered in the finest flame mahogany with a double bead moulding to its edge and a reeded cistern cover and pediment.  The silvered brass scale is signed, Adie Edinburgh and beautifully engraved from 26 to 31 inches with a Vernier scale operated via a rack and pinion arrangement below, labelled with five predictions.

Alexander Adie was born in 1775 and at the age of fourteen was apprenticed to his uncle, John Miller, one of the leading eighteenth century Scottish instrument makers. Their partnership of Miller and Adie began in 1804 and although Miller died in 1815, the business continued under the same name until 1822.

Adie's main focus was on meteorological instruments and his improved air barometer, known as the Sympiesometer, obtained British patent No. 4302 in 1818.  As a result of this and his other research, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1819.  He was appointed optician to William IV and Queen Victoria.

He went into partnership with his son, John, under the name, Adie and Son in 1835 and the business was extended to Liverpool and London by this other sons, Richard and Patrick.

Many consider him to be the finest of all the great barometer makers.  His unique design captures the understated elegance of the period to a level unsurpassed.