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Maker: Graham's successor Thomas Colley

Circa: 1755

Height: Height: 13 inches, Width: 8 inches, Depth: 6.5 inches

Stock No. Inventory No. 14

Price: £26,000

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A Fine And Small Phase 3 Ebonised Table Timepiece With Pull Quarter Repeat.

A Fine And Small Phase 3 Ebonised Table Timepiece With Pull Quarter Repeat.

Case: Case of ebonised fruitwood veneers on oak with inverted-bell top, arched glazed side panels within moulded frames to the breakarch dial aperture, front door with inset corner frets and raised moulding frame to the breakarcg dial aperture, the base on moulded block feet. 

Dial: 5.5 by by 7 inch breakarch brass dial with gilt-brass symmetrical acanthus spandrels, finely matted centre, silvered chapter-ring. Signed in the arch Grahams Succ.r Thos. Colley LONDON.

Duration: 8 Day.

Movement: Signed Grahams Succ.r Thos. Colley LONDON to the plain backplate. 5 by 7.5 inch plates with five knopped pillars and single fusees and spring barrel with pivoted verge escapement and spring-suspended lenticular pendulum, rise and fall lever with snail adjustment. The alarm train with small spring barrel striking on three bells via a pin barrel.

Escapement: Pivoted verge.

Provenance: RA Lee, Oct 1987. Private collection, Switzerland. Raffety & Walwyn, 2007.

Literature: Garnier & Carter, The Golden Age of English Horology, 2015, p.240-241.

Comments: It is notable that Colley continued the workshop tradition of recessed bases to the plates, first introduced by Tompion circa 1704.