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Maker: Daniel Quare & Stephen Horseman

Circa: 1718

Height: Height: 15.5 inches, Width: 9 inches, Depth: 6 inches

Stock No. Inventory No. 78

Price: £55,000

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An Extremely Fine Ebony Striking Table Clock With Pull-Quarter Repeat

An Extremely Fine Ebony Striking Table Clock With Pull-Quarter Repeat

Case: Ebony veneers on oak, the inverted-bell top with Quare's brass baluster and scoop-base handle, the front door with fine laid-on ebony aperture mouldings flanked by wood frets, the sides with matching ebony mouldings and pierced brass frets, on moulded block feet.

Dial: 6.5 by 8 inch gilt-brass breakarch dial, Indian-mask-and-foliate spandrels with strike/silent subsidiary in the arch, silvered chapter-ring with fine ring-turned blued-steel hands, the matted centre signed D: Quare S. Horseman London in a shaped reverse above the date square and 173 in a small seperate reserve above the mock pendulum.

Duration: 8 Day.

Movement: Movement with six finned and ring-turned baluster pillars, centre latched, the rest pinned, with twin fusees and spring barrels, rack strike on large bell. Pull-quarter repeat on Quare's later system via a pulley. Elaborate foliate engraved back plate (G.515) signed 173 Dan: Quare Ste: Horseman London in a oval cartouche with mask and eagle heads below, within scrolling foliage inhabited by entwined serpents and birds.

Escapement: Knife-edge verge escapement.

Strike Type: Hour striking with pull-quarter repeat.

Provenance: Bukowski's Stockholm, 15 June 2011, lot 543 (29,733 GBP).

Literature: Garnier & Carter, The Golden Age of English Horology, 2015, p.330-331.

Comments: The backplate is executed by engraver, G. 515, whom Quare may have used before Tompion and Graham. The Phase 3 case and spandrels are also notably similar to Graham's output at this time.