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The Tom Scott Collection

The Tom Scott Collection

 We are immensely privileged to be selling the most important collection of English clocks to come on the market in the UK since the Wetherfield collection in 1928.

Early in his collecting career, the late Tom Scott recognised and appreciated extraordinary horological contribution made by Thomas Tompion and his successor; George Graham. These clockmakers became Tom's primary interest and his acquisitions included not only three Tompion full grande sonnerie clocks but also items by makers apprenticed or associated to these great masters; these clocks make up over half of his collection.

Tom was not exclusive in his interest, and other premier makers such as Knibb and Quare are also well represented. Many of the important items need little introduction, as their significance is both recognised and well documented; these represent a once in a life time's opportunity for collectors to acquire clocks of this gravity and significance.

In testimony to Tom's discerning and shrewd collecting ability, with guidance from Richard Garnier, even the more unassuming clocks in the collectiona are, almost invariably, interesting and unusual in their own right, so as well as the iconic pieces there are also many other desirable and beautiful horological examples, all priced at a very affordable and competetive level. 

There is very little duplication in the collection but, with over 100 items, we have split it into two selling exhibitions within our Winchester premises. The first taking place on the 4th-25th of July 2015.

Tom had always intended to share his extroardinary enthusiasm for clocks with others and he had two specific wishes: to have a book written based on his collection and to exhibit his clocks for everyone to enjoy. To this end, we are honoured to be able to fulfil both of Toms Ambitions:

The Golden Age of English Horology by Garnier & Carter. (The Square Press, Winchester 2015, a hardback limited edition of 500). 

Highlights from the Tom Scott Collection, Masterpiece London. (Stand D11 from 24th of June to the 1st of July 2015) Showcasing highlights from the whole collection.

We look forward to welcoming you to view this extraordinary and wonderful collection.

Jonathan and Darrell