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Maker: George Graham

Circa: 1731

Height: Height: 12.5 inches, Width: 8 inches, Depth: 5 inches.

Stock No. Inventory No. 39

Price: £80,000

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A Small Phase 3 Ebony and Silver Mounted Travelling Table Timepiece With Alarm

A Small Phase 3 Ebony and Silver Mounted Travelling Table Timepiece With Alarm

 Case: Case of ebony veneered onto an oak carcass with inverted-bell top, arched glazed side panels within moulded frames, front door with gilt-brass Satyr mask fret to upper rail and conforming Satyr mask mount to lower rail, belflower door escutcheons to the stiles, the base on moulded block feet.

Dial: 5 by 6 inch brass dial with double-screwed silver ornate cherub's head spandrels to silvered chapter-ring, alarm-set square at chapter VI with arched alarm aperture to matted centre, with subsidiary pendulum regulation and alarm silent rings flanking the signature Geo: Graham London, regulator-type blued-steel hands. 

Duration: 8 Day.

Movement: The substantial posted frame movement with solid front and backplates, chamfered tear-drop cusped cocks throughout, with single chain fuse, pivoted verge escapement and spring-suspended lenticular pendulum, rise and fall lever with pinion adjustment through the dial, going barrel for alarm on bell, set through chapter-ring at VI and pull-wound from the side, punch-numbered 698 to the top plate, raised on a seatboard and secured with two bolts.

Escapement: Pivoted verge.

Strike Type: Timepiece alarm.

Provenance: RA Lee, purchased 1953 from 'Hunt'. Private collection, USA. Christie's 27 May 2010, lot 24 (75,650).

Literature: Garnier & Carter, The Golden Age of English Horology, 2015, p.166-169.

Comments: For similar cases without handles and moulded tops see PG Dawson, The IdenClock Collection, Woodbridge 1987, p.188 &p.192.

Part of The Tom Scott Collection.