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Maker: Thomas Browne

Circa: Prior 1660

Height: 16 inches

Stock No. A1

Price: £24,500

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Unsigned Lantern Clock attributed to Thomas Browne

Unsigned Lantern Clock attributed to Thomas Browne

This early lantern clock has pre-pendulum movement and winding system that pre-dates Huygen's invention of continuous rope or chain winding circa 1657.  The frame is made to a design favoured by early West Country makers in particular those from Bristol shown by the finial pillars and foot being turned as one rather than in three separate turnings as favoured by London makers.  The dial plate has similar engraving to that used by Thomas Browne of Bristol and the chapter ring with half hour markers are identical to the ones used in the signed lantern clocks by Browne.

The clock is in original condition in respect of the frame, wheel work etc.  Its upgrade to verge with pendulum is very early and would have been carried out to improve the timekeeping, an aim of all horologists whether from the 17th or 21st century.