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Maker: George Graham

Circa: 1739

Height: Height 7 feet 10 inches, trunk 14 inches

Stock No. Inventory No. 34

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The Buccleuch Graham

The Buccleuch Graham

Case: Case of superb burr walnut veneers on oak, hood with inverted-bell top, finely pierced walnut frets, brass-capped Doric columns, concave throat mouldings, trunk door punch-numbered twice 734 on the leading edge and the interior face, the plinth with boxwood and ebony line-inlaid panels above a double footed skirt.

Dial: 12 inch square gilt-brass latched dial signed Geo: Graham London at base, large seconds ring and pin-hole adjusted calender aperture, silvered chapter-ring and blued-steel hands; double-screwed Indian-mask-and-scroll spandrels with foliate and strap engraving (G.515) between; bolt-and-shutter lever between II and III.

Duration: 8 days.

Movement: 6 by 8.5 inch plates with five latched baluster pillars, brass flat-section pendulum rod and large bob with nib to calibrated rating nut, rack striking on the orginal bell. base of the backplate punch-numbered 734. Securing bracket fixed to a brass T-bar on the backboard. Square-section winding key with lignum vitae handle punch-numbered 734.

Escapement: Deadbeat with bolt-and-shutter maintaining power.

Strike Type: Rack hour striking.

Provenance: Probably bought by the 2nd Duke of Buccleuch, thence by descent at Dalkeith Palace, Scotland, whence purchased 1943 by JC Hirst of Leicester, who also owned Tompion no. 418. Sotheby's London, 1 October 1998, lot 468. Christie's, London, 15 September 2004, lot 19 (171,614 GBP).

Literature: RW Symonds, 'The Genius of George Graham', Country Life Annual, 195, fig 2-3. HA Lloyd, 'George Graham, Horologist & Astronomer', Horological Journal, November 1951, p. 709. HA Lloyd, Chats on Old Clocks, London, 1951, pl.30.r, 60.r. HA Lloyd, Collectors' Dictionary of Clocks, 1964, p.99, fig. 252.

This type 3 clock is the first of Graham's final, most sophisticated form of longcase which included a deadbeat escapement, simplified fial of greater clarity, and upgraded case with superb veneers and inverted-bell superstructure. Graham and Buccleuch elected 12 March 1724) and both were Freemasons, members of the same fashionable Lodge at Rummer's Tavern, Charing Cross.

 Part of The Tom Scott Collection.