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Maker: Daniel Quare (Tompion)

Circa: 1710

Height: Height 41.5 inches

Stock No. Inventory No.75

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A Type II Ebonised And Ivory-Mounted Flat-Hood Portable Pillar Barometer, Circa 1710

A Type II Ebonised And Ivory-Mounted Flat-Hood Portable Pillar Barometer, Circa 1710

Case: The typical columnar case of sectioned ebonised fruitwood, solid rectangular wooden cistern cover with mouldings top and bottom, resting on four hinged brass feet applied with winged cherub heads, supporting a barley-twist column beneath a tapering plain column seperated by two ivory collets, the top section with carved volutes below the gilt-brass hood numbered 59 to the lower left side, the reverse with suspension loop and a small fruitwood backboard and surmounted by two brass urn finials flanking a tall brass finial encasing the top of the glass mercury tube.

Dial: The silvered registered dial signed D: Quare Lond: Fecit and calibrated 28-31 in the normal manner and engraved with the various weather conditions, the left-hand referring to Winter and the right-hand to Summer. The sliding steel recording index pointer adjusted via a knob to the outside of the hood. 

Provenance: Christies, London, 11th December 2002, lot 78.

Comparative Literature: N. Goodison, English Barometers and Their Makers 1680-1860. Woodbridge, 1977, p.206-221. E. Banfield, Barometers, Stick or Cistern Tube, Trowbirdge, 1985, p.18-25.

Comments: As with much of Quare's output (see page 297), his barometers were produced to different price points dependent on materials and complexity. Perhaps his most expensive models were the reversible double-dialed examples, which were supplied for home and export (in various languages-different on opposite registers). These were made from ivory, leather and walnut. 

This model was Quare's simplest form with a single register and is one of three extant numbered ebonised examples, the other two:

No. 60 - The Ford Family Yealand Manor Lancashire.

No. 133 - Private Collection, Suffolk.